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LockedDown – Day Two: An opportunity

So, starting just before 10am this morning, SuperSport 2 was an absolute feast of World Cup rugby – the full 1995 and 2007 finals, followed by the highlights of all the Springboks’ games in the 2019 RWC, and the full 2019 final is about to start. Let’s face it, even if I was allowed to leave the house, I wouldn’t have. (It also means I sang the anthem a few times today…probably a good thing that I live alone!)

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LockedDown – Day One: An anxious beginning

Social distancing 101

I thought now would be a good time to dust off this poor old blog, and share some thoughts during South Africa’s national lockdown, due to COVID-19. I can’t promise to write something every day, since, let’s face it, there’s unlikely to be a whole lot going on, but I thought it might be nice to do an occasional check in.

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As fairy lights twinkled in Casalinga’s beautiful restaurant last Saturday night, an expectant hush settled over the music lovers waiting to be treated to the latest chapter in the long and eventful tale of local rockers, WONDERboom. Continue reading

Book Club: The Mitford Murders – Jessica Fellowes

Things have been a little quiet on this site lately – I can’t really believe that over a year has passed since I last posted, but life has been a smidge chaotic. And this review, while not a year old, is a little overdue as well. The Mitford Murders, by Jessica Fellowes, was my first book of 2018, and it definitely got my reading year off to a good start. Continue reading

This Monkey’s Gone to Heaven

It’s taken me a couple of days to get my thoughts in order to write this review, because honestly, seeing the Pixies live at Rock on the Lawns was completely surreal for me. By the time I discovered and fell in love with the Pixies in the early 90s, they had pretty much broken up, so I really never expected to get to see them live – this made Saturday night’s gig even more special. Continue reading

Heritage: The Ties that Bind Us

It’s Heritage Day today, also known in more recent years (with mixed response) as National Braai Day. I love a braai as much as the next Saffa but I think I’ll stick with Heritage Day, thanks. It’s a day designed for celebrating the incredible diversity that the beautiful people of this land possess – the things that make us different and the things that bring us together. Technically, heritage refers to the practices and traditions that are passed on from parents to children, often in a particular community or culture. And every year, we see people going to work or functions, having been invited to wear their traditional dress or bring their traditional food to help celebrate their specific heritage. Sounds like fun…until you remember you’re an English girl from Durban. Continue reading

Rugby Roundup: Super Rugby Quarter Finals – The Hurricanes vs the Sharks

Home of the Sharks

The quarter finals kick off this weekend, with the Sharks having secured their place in the top eight after a somewhat less than resounding defeat of the Sunwolves last week. Still, a win is a win and it got us where we needed to be so we’ll take it. Continue reading

Rugby Roundup: Super Rugby Round 17 – The Sharks vs the Sunwolves

Home of the Sharks

We’ve reached the final round of the pool stages of the competition and, after their defeat of the Cheetahs last weekend, the Sharks are pretty much assured of a spot in the quarter finals. It wasn’t the prettiest victory, and while Cheetahs supporters are unhappy with some of the reffing decisions, particularly around the scrum, I also think their players got away with some pretty persistent off the ball niggling, so let’s just call it even. I mean, when have you ever seen Beast lose his temper like that and hit someone?! I’d love to know what provoked him. Continue reading

Rugby Roundup: Super Rugby Round 16 – The Sharks vs The Cheetahs

Home of the Sharks

Okay, well, that was awkward. In fact, diabolical would be a better way to describe last week’s game against the Lions. We knew it was going to be tough, but that was next level! Continue reading

Rugby Roundup: Super Rugby Round 15 – The Lions vs the Sharks

Home of the Sharks

Super Rugby is back after the June internationals break, and boy is it back with a bang for the Sharks! The team is coming off a high from a fantastic last game against the Kings, trouncing them 53-0. And yes, it was only the Kings, basically the whipping boys of the tournament, but still. Fifty. Three. Zero. Nicely done. Continue reading

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