The lovely Chereen over at For the Beauty of It posted her 15 favourite feelings a little while ago, and I thought that was such a cool idea I’d have to steal it. Although, is it still stealing if you give credit for it? Anyway. I have a secret love of lists, and it’s always nice to focus on the things that make us feel good, so why not? Here are a few of my favourite feelings…Obviously these are in no particular order, and there is always the small possibility that any x-rated favourite feelings have, of course, been omitted.  Ahem.

  1. The irresistible sensation of chocolate melting on my tongue
  2. Lazing in a hot bubble bath with a really good book
  3. Coming up with the perfect opening sentence for an article (isn’t starting always the hardest part?!)
  4. Actually managing to drag myself to my 6:15am Pilates class twice a week – I hate getting up early, but once I’m there, I love it
  5. That little spark of surprise when someone just ‘gets’ my humour and laughs unexpectedly at something I’ve said
  6. The feeling of cool water on my skin when I go for a swim
  7. Climbing into bed after changing the sheets
  8. The sheer elation of the Sharks or Springboks winning!
  9. Getting a really great WhatsApp/text message/phone call out of the blue
  10. The feeling of closure at the end of a fabulous book
  11. Singing really loudly in the car and not caring what anyone else in traffic thinks…I tend to be a frequent source of amusement for taxi passengers…
  12. Having a really good debate with someone smart
  13. The weight of both my cats lying in my lap – a rare double cuddle (usually Violet bolts as soon as Henry tries to get involved)
  14. Dancing it out or jumping around at a gig
  15. Sinking my feet into the grass in the garden on a sunny day

There are probably a million other feelings that are equally as divine, like catching up with friends, or finding a dress that fits perfectly, but these will do for now.