One of my favourite things about South Africans is our sense of humour. We seem to have an endless capacity to laugh – at ourselves, at each other, at the situations we find ourselves in. Regardless of how tough things get, or how badly our politicians are behaving, you can be sure there will be someone finding the humour within moments. Too soon? No such thing in SA.

It stands to reason that if we have such a well-cultivated sense of humour, a wealth of comedians will follow. I’m not talking about the slapstick, black-face, so awful it’s embarrassing ‘comedy’ of people like Leon Schuster (please stop…please!), I’m talking about smart, well-thought out comedy that will probably offend lots of people because it hits a little close to home and makes us think about our own shortcomings, but is still as funny as all hell. Successful comedians are those who can walk the tightrope on the fine line between intelligently offensive and stupidly tacky (say no more, Sol Phenduka).

If you’re looking for somewhere to revel in the comedic talents of our country, then look no further than MishMash (20 Gleneagles Road, Greenside). Car Park Comedy at MishMash started in 2012, held every Tuesday in the venue’s car park (funny that). Entry was only R20 and yet they still managed to reel in some of SA’s finest performers. Nowadays the comedy has moved indoors, and while entry has gone up, it is still ridiculously cheap at R30. And they’re still hosting the best comedians on offer – you can expect to see people like John Vlismas, Mel Miller, David Kibuuka, Martin Evans and Loyiso Gola headlining, along with other well-known and up and coming support acts. The atmosphere is relaxed, the drinks are reasonable, service is friendly, the food is yummy, and the comedy is superb. With such great line ups at such affordable prices, you can be sure that these evenings fill up quickly, so you should definitely make a booking if you want a table (by calling 074 369 9439), and then be sure to arrive by 20:00. Join the group on Facebook to be kept up to date with line up details for each week. They even have a generator, should Eskom decide to live up to expectations. Definitely the perfect way to spend a Tuesday evening.