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Rugby Roundup: Super Rugby Round 12 – The Jaguares vs The Sharks

Home of the Sharks

Well now. What a game of rugby we had last weekend! The Sharks were at the finest they’ve been all season against the Hurricanes, when so many people had tipped them to lose. My only regret is that I chose such a narrow margin when I predicted the Sharks’ win on SuperBru – really, I am not very good at this prediction malarkey. Continue reading

Rugby Roundup: Super Rugby Round 11 – The Sharks vs The Hurricanes

Home of the Sharks

The Sharks are back at home this weekend after a somewhat mixed tour to New Zealand. Losing to the Blues was a disappointment but the team bounced back with a win against the Highlanders and almost looked like they would pull off a second win on tour against the best team in the current competition. Sadly that wasn’t to be and they went down by a mere two points against the Chiefs…a pity but still a good reflection of the progress the team has made. Those Chiefs were seriously rattled by the Sharks for at least the first half and a fair bit of the second half too. The Sharks completely threw them off their game plan and played fantastic rugby. It fell apart a bit in the final quarter, but it was a great game and what an absolutely fabulous debut Super Rugby try from Garth April. Definitely one to watch! Continue reading

Rugby Roundup: Super Rugby Round Ten – The Chiefs vs The Sharks

Home of the Sharks

I am a much happier little Sharks fan after our win against the Highlanders, that’s for sure. Granted, I nearly had a few heart attacks during the game, and it’s quite fortunate that I share an office space with fellow rugby fans who aren’t affronted by me dropping a few F bombs when things get heated – those last few minutes when it looked like the Highlanders would score and take the lead nearly sent me over the edge. Am I proud of the victory dance I did in front of the Blue Bulls supporter who was taunting me by supporting the opposition? Well, yes actually, I am. Pfft. Take that! Continue reading

Rugby Roundup: Super Rugby Round 9 – The Highlanders vs The Sharks

Home of the Sharks

Let’s face it. After a great start to the year, things are not really panning out the way we might have hoped for the Sharks. Last weekend hurt my feelings quite a bit – I was pretty certain we had it in the bag. The team was playing well, there were some great attacking moments, we were consistently ahead…and then somehow we let it all get away from us in the final quarter. Continue reading

Rugby Roundup: Super Rugby Round 8 – The Blues vs The Sharks

Home of the Sharks

Well, needless to say I ate a very large helping of humble pie after last week’s game. Not my favourite dish, that’s for sure. Things all seemed to fall apart against the Lions after what actually seemed like a really promising start. Within the first minute, the Sharks were on the Lions’ try line, looking formidable to say the least. Continue reading

Rugby Roundup: Super Rugby Round 7 – The Sharks vs The Lions

Home of the Sharks

The Sharks had a bye last weekend, so at least I’ve had an extra week to come to terms with their loss to the Crusaders – their first defeat of the season. It was an incredibly frustrating game to watch, I have to be honest. I love those boys but when they start kicking the ball straight into the eager arms of a team that’s known for its prowess with ball in hand, over and over and over, I want to scream! On the plus side, their defence was fantastic yet again, and they held a very good Crusaders side at bay almost to the very end. Mention must also go to Lwazi Mvovo’s two brilliant intercept tries. There’s a reason he’s one of my favourite favourites – when he gets even the tiniest bit of space to unleash his speed, there’s really no stopping him. Definitely the highlight of the game. Continue reading

Rugby Roundup: Super Rugby Round 5 – The Sharks vs The Crusaders

Home of the Sharks

Last Friday night I managed to sneak out of my work function just in time to catch the last few moments of the Sharks vs Bulls game on the radio (hurrah for Radio 2000 and their fab rugby commentary, although anyone who has ever listened to a game instead of watching it will tell you it’s WAY more stressful!) – a good thing, I thought, until I nearly had a heart attack and drove off the road. Continue reading

It’s a dog’s life…

Flies. Noise. Extreme temperatures. Long hours of inactivity and boredom. Confined spaces. The pungent aroma of urine and faeces. This is a day in the life of a shelter dog – and a lucky shelter dog at that. Continue reading

Rugby Roundup: Super Rugby Round Four – The Bulls vs The Sharks

Home of the Sharks


It pleases me to no end to be able to say that the Sharks remain unbeaten. Last week’s game was another nail-biter, and a contentious one at that. There’s a lot of gnashing of Stormers fans’ teeth over that penalty try that was awarded after Siya Kolisi’s foot connected with the ball as Cobus Reinach was dotting down for the try. Now, I’m no Stormers fan but I do like Kolisi so I would be surprised if it was a truly cynical move, but according to the rulebook that’s irrelevant so I don’t think Marius Jonker made the wrong decision in awarding the penalty try. I also think the Sharks had more momentum and finesse in that second half and so I suspect we would have won it anyway, one way or another. Continue reading

Rugby Roundup: Super Rugby Round Three – Stormers vs Sharks

Home of the Sharks

I think it’s safe to say that the Jaguares gave the Sharks a run for their money last weekend. We knew this would be a tougher game, but it was a little close for comfort. I was pleased with the way the team used the driving maul to good effect, but there were definitely lessons in minimising handling errors to be learned and maximising attacking opportunities. Continue reading

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