I have to say, I’m pretty happy with my life at the moment. Lots of very good things are happening, and I can’t remember when last I felt this content. But of course, we always want more. So I rustled up seven wants for today’s instalment of the ten day challenge.

Here is my little wish list:

1. One day when I’m a grown up, I want a room in my house that’s just dedicated to books and reading. Like a really beautiful, old school library, with a cosy window seat where I can curl up all day with a great book (and maybe some coffee and chocolate). To be honest, there are moments when I wonder why I don’t just turf the bed out of my spare bedroom and turn it into a reading room, but it does come in handy to have a space for people to stay over. So I think I’ll just hunt down some beautiful new bookshelves in the meantime, since I have once again reached the point of having books stacked all over the place, without a little spot to call home.

2. Most days I want hair that is not trying to stage a coup. Seriously. Just calm down.

3. I really, really want all my people to live in one place. Unlikely to ever happen, but a girl can dream. As happy as I am at the moment, there’s always that little piece of me that is missing certain people.

4. I’ve never really been a make-up and heels kind of girl, but of late I have decided that heels (in the right setting) are quite pretty…so now I want to learn how to walk in them without actually breaking my neck. It’s that clumsiness/inner ear thing again I tell you.

5. A holiday. Preferably in the mountains somewhere, but the beach would be good too. Somewhere exotic, somewhere local – anywhere will do, as long as all my favourite people are with me. I want to just soak up the scenery, lie in a hammock for a while, go exploring in a new place and generally just step outside the daily routine for a bit.

6. There are loads of bands I want to see live – I have been very lucky to see some of my favourites already, and will be seeing one of my all-time faves (Bloc Party) later this year – but there are still so many to see. But if I had to pick one band that I really, really wanted to see before I slip in the bath and crack my skull open and the cat eats my face off, it would be Pearl Jam. Not necessarily because I am mad about their most recent albums, but because they are one of those bands that changed my life (without sounding ridiculous), and I think they would be phenomenal live. If Springbok Nude Girls could open for them, then I’d really be a happy little panda 😉

7. A lifetime supply of free chocolate. That’s reasonable, right? Think of the money I’d save!