The Ten Day Challenge – Day Six

Okay, so this challenge malarkey is maybe starting to drag on a bit, but I will persevere. Today’s instalment asks for five foods. I don’t know if I would call myself a foodie, because I don’t really cook, but I do love good food (and it shows!).

So here we have a list of five of my favourite foods:

1. Of course I have to start the list with chocolate. What kind of chocolatarian would I be if I didn’t?? Chocolate in all its forms makes me happy, whether it’s el cheapo Beacon, schmancy Lindt, baked chocolate goods or even something savoury like chilli chocolate fillet. The only chocolate I don’t like is those caramilk PS thingies, because let’s face it, that’s not chocolate.

2. Funnily enough, given the above dedication to chocolate product, I will always choose lemon meringue or lemon tart over anything else on a dessert menu. I’m a big fan of all things lemony – lemon sorbet, lemon posset on toast, Vanilla Café in Rosebank’s frozen lemonade and the Pollo al Limone at the parental and my favourite Italian restaurant in Dublin are all high on my list of favourites. In fact, if you ask me to make dessert for anything, I will probably make lemon tart – it’s delicious and easy peasy!

3. If I go out to eat, more often than not I veer towards a good fillet. It’s not something I eat often so it’s kind of my ‘treat yourself’ meal. When I was having my wisdom teeth out, and knew I wouldn’t be able to eat proper food for a while (two whole weeks of soup…ugh!), I went to my favourite restaurant in Durban, Havana, the night before the op and had the most awesome steak, just to tide me over!

4. Another favourite meal has to be roast chicken, roast potatoes, butternut and sautéed mushrooms. This reminds me of comfort food growing up, and when a friend recently asked what she could cook for me on my birthday, this is what I requested. It’s pointless making a whole roast chicken when you live alone, but it’s so yummy. Since we’re talking poultry, I have to sneak turkey in here…it’s obviously not readily available all year round, but during the festive season, I would happily trade the chicken for some turkey. Mmm.

5. Like I said, I don’t really cook often. I mean, obviously I feed myself every night, and I’ve been a lot better lately about eating actual meals instead of just having toast, popcorn or cereal, but I tend to make stuff that is quick and easy, like pasta or stir fry when it’s just me. But one of my favourite meals, and my go-to dish if I have to cook dinner for other people, is pork stroganoff. It’s pure awesomeness, if I do say so myself, and since I don’t like rice, I tend to serve it with roast potatoes…something else I actually make quite well. Delish.

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  1. Mmmmm you do make a good pork stroganoff!

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