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Peace Starts in your Heart

I was very disappointed not to be able to attend the launch of this year’s Peace Starts campaign, but sadly, a girl has to go to work every now and then in order to keep the Alzheimer’s Cat in the manner in which she has grown accustomed to. Peace Starts is a wonderful initiative founded by Cito (well-known philanthropist and frontman of WONDERboom, among other things) in support of the International Day of Peace on the 21st of September. The initiative invites us to ask ourselves what peace means to us as individuals, and I think it’s a question that has particular resonance for South Africans. Continue reading

The Ten Day Challenge – Day Ten

Okay, I’ve sort of delayed this final post, partly because I’ve been busy, but also because, as you may remember from the ten secrets of day one, I really don’t like photographs of myself. Oh well, there are only so many delay tactics a girl can employ… Continue reading

The Ten Day Challenge – Day Nine

Whoever devised this ten day challenge must be crazy cakes. Yup, that is my official diagnosis, and I have my Honours in Psych so I must know what I’m talking about, right? I mean, first they wanted me to choose only four books, and now it’s two songs. TWO?! A girl who loves to car disco, loves to go out dancing and has done crazy things like spend 12 hours (each way) on a not-so-roadworthy bus to get to gigs has a lot more than two favourite songs for goodness sake! But I will pick two anyway, because I’m well-behaved like that. Continue reading

The Ten Day Challenge – Day Eight

After the trauma of having to choose only four books for yesterday’s instalment of the ten day challenge, three movies seems infinitely easier. I do love going to the movies, and have a few of my favourites on DVD, but I’d rather buy a book every time. That being said, there are some movies I can watch over and over. Continue reading

The Ten Day Challenge – Day Seven

I think everyone who knows me knows that I am a little bit book-mad. My gran taught me to read at the ridiculous age of two, and I really haven’t looked back since. The best present anyone can ever buy me is a book they think I will enjoy, and I generally carry a book with me everywhere I go….just in case. Comes in super handy when you suddenly find yourself in a queue at the bank or with five minutes to spare between meetings. So choosing four books for day seven of this challenge is more than a little difficult for me! Continue reading

The Ten Day Challenge – Day Six

Okay, so this challenge malarkey is maybe starting to drag on a bit, but I will persevere. Today’s instalment asks for five foods. I don’t know if I would call myself a foodie, because I don’t really cook, but I do love good food (and it shows!). Continue reading

The Ten Day Challenge – Day Five

So I took a little sabbatical from the challenge this weekend, but here we are with day five – six places. I’ve been lucky enough to live in a few different places over the years (Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Dublin and now Johannesburg), and to visit a few others. My favourite place in the world has to be the Drakensberg. But I thought I’d dedicate this post to places I haven’t had the chance to visit…yet. Continue reading

The Ten Day Challenge – Day Four

I have to say, I’m pretty happy with my life at the moment. Lots of very good things are happening, and I can’t remember when last I felt this content. But of course, we always want more. So I rustled up seven wants for today’s instalment of the ten day challenge. Continue reading

The Ten Day Challenge – Day Three

It’s day three, and we’re talking about fears. I suppose we all have little things that give us the heebie-jeebies, and of course there are the big fears too, the ones that keep us awake at night. Continue reading

The Ten Day Challenge – Day Two

Today’s instalment of the ten day challenge asks for nine loves. I figured it stands to reason that I love my family (both blood and urban)…for goodness sake, my sister has her very own post here, so I decided to focus on other, less obvious loves. Continue reading

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